Spring has sprung in my kitchen

March 18, 2014


Hi guysssss !!
I'm excited to give you a news: spring is finally getting close, and as it’s my favourite season, I' m SO happy. I think it makes you feel
living and doing everything with a smile. Yes people, the sun has this effect on me! 
Anyway, for this reason I decided to change another habit: food.
I don't know why, but spring also means HEALTHY and LIGHT for me.
Remember: healthy is CHIC. And good for your body care too. 
So let's make a list of things I should put in my shopping cart!
First of all, fruit, fruit, fruit and fruit again: this is the key word!! Light, fresh and coloured, it's perfect. You can have smoothies for breakfast or as a fresh snack, maybe with a cookie. A little trick is not to eat fruit just after a meal but far from them. It helps you not to feel too heavy and bulge. Plus, don’t leave the apple peel on your plate, eat it! It’s a way to sate your appetite and it’s full of vitamins 

spring food

Fruit always makes me feel better due to its colour and taste . Think about peaches (and remember all the blushes you have in this shade aha), cherries which remind me lipsticks and lip glosses. Also pineapple helps you moisturizing and cleansing and speeding up your metabolism. 

What comes second?! Obviously vegetables that, along with fruit, reduce the risk of cancer. The best thing would be eating different kind of them every day. Having a salad before a meal is a trick that makes your hunger lesser. Put vinegar or soy sauce in, in order to shrink the quantity of oil (also too much salt is not healthy).

springy food

Thinking about breakfast, I usually change my habits: when I was younger I used to have every day the same things, milk and cookies; then I started to dislike milk and began drinking tea and biscuit; a few months ago I discovered soy milk  and wholewheat cereals, mmmmh delicious! Actually this is the time of the day you can eat more, so if you have a serious wish of cake, than have it for breakfast rather than for dinner, because you have all the day to burn those calories!

springy breakfast

Lunch is my favourite meal because it means relax time after school for me. Nothing better than a plate of pasta, hot in winter and cold in summer, which gives you the right energy to continue the day, especially if you have  some sport planned. Do you want my top recipe for springy macaroni ?! Here it is: cook pasta and apart slice an orange melon in square pieces. Then clean some arugola and slice it too. When pasta has chilled, put all the ingredients in a big bowl and serve it with oil and pepper. Yummy!
If you decide to have pasta or rice, then try to eat less bread, because too much carbohydrates help getting fat (if you don't burn them all moving).
Dinner is my hated meal since you should eat less, and I'm always trying to do it, but as long as my parents  consume it with me, it will be difficult!
Anyway, for supper (more appropriate word), I usually have a vegetable soup and some meat, fish or cheese as you want. Proteins are more advised for evenings, because they're more light. 
The cheese I prefer is ricotta (yeah, I'm in Italy, cheese is special here!) very raccomended in diets!
Oh, another lulu: drink a lot!!! It makes your skin hydrated and healthy. I always have a bottle of water next to me, wheter I'm eating or studing or sleeping.
Okay guys, I talked a lot. Now it's your turn to share your habits with me.
Remember: mine is a mediterranean diet, so it's very varied and different from an American or English one. By the way, it came to mind another trick. I promise, this is the last one. Don't go to fastfoods more than once a month and don't eat canned foods: this is really unhealthy.



  1. ma il soy milk sarebbe latte di soia? comunque, grazie, mi hai fatto venire voglia di tanta frutta! thaanks ♡