Friday, 2 May 2014

Antibes' Outfits #1





OUTFIT: Blouse from H&M // High Waisted Jeans from Bershka // Sneakers similar from Superga or H&M // Midi Rings from H&M // Sunglasses from &OtherStories // Nail polish from Pupa Lasting Color in 711 Dusty Blue

Hellooo to everyoneeee!!
As I promised, I'm here today with Antibes' Outfit #1. I decided to do a series of post like this after having been to France (read my post about it here). 
Well, this is what I wore the first day. 
I'm so excited to show you guys my new purchase: those marvellous platform sneakers! I desperately have looked for them for something like three weeks after a friend of mine told me H&M was selling them. Every time I went there, though, either there wasn't my shoe size or there wasn't the colour I wanted. The day before our departure, I was determinate to find a pair of similar ones. So, I walked around the city centre and saw them in a little shoes shop: I immediately fell in love and bought them although they were 50 euros (about 70$ or 40£) instead of 20 (about 30$ or 16£) of the H&M ones.
At least the quality is guaranteed! Ehm, I paid them with my pocket money … 

What about that blouse?! Lovely, isn't it? The same day I looked into my wardrobe and thought: Oh. My. God. There's nothing I can wear in Antibes here! I started to panic - again -, but fortunately my mum gave me a little cash to spend in summer clothing (yeah, in France it was hotter than in Italy!) and I rushed in an H&M store where I picked up a few items.

Those jeans have a long story too. I had another pair of subdued high-waisted jeans at a previous time, but I decided they were too dark and tried to discolour them. Result: spots, spots everywhere.
So, when, a few months ago, I saw this pair at Bershka, also for a smaller price, I took them. They're so comfy ad I'm happy to have them now!

And that's all today,
hope you liked it!

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