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June 19, 2014




Hello everyone! We're officially in June, and I can't believe it! The school is ended a few days ago here in Italy, this means I can totally devote myself to the blog, which is great! 
Oh, I was really waiting for this moment for ages: my head was burning due to the school
and when the sun came out I couldn't keep staying home studying.
Well, this is the reason why I'm SO, SO HAPPY.
It's been a long time I don't post a month favourites, so this is going to be exciting (especially because summer is coming soon)!
Anyway, here you are: the products, items and random things I've been loving this month. - I was thinking about doing a 'Summer Fashion Post' where I show you what I'm going to wear this summer; would you be interested in it? -

First thing I've been adoring not only for these last thirty days but for a whole season is this mascara. It's GREAT. It's CHEAP (3,50€/5$/3£). It's BIG. I can't even explain how it is but girls, if you haven't tried it yet, you really have to. It's quite similar to the famous Benefit They're Real Mascara but ten times cheaper. Can you believe it? So many of my friends asked me which mascara I used and they have remained really surprised when they've tried it! 

Kiko Cupcake Nail Laquer in Wisteria (n. 653)

Okay. Let's start from the name, which suits me perfectly. Cupcake. Well Sara, you can't eat it! 
Alright those nail polishes are so cute on my nails, because they have some little coloured grains which make your hands a bit different!
It's super easy to apply although, as lots of kiko polishes, it doesn't last too long. So make sure you put the top coat on!
It's really cheap, as you can find it for 4,90€ (7$, 4£) or less.

Kiko Cupcake Nail Laquer 635

Catrice Defining Blush in Love&Peach (n. 030)

Well, as you might already got it, this blush is in a nice peachy/pinky colour, which is a must-have not only for the summer, but for the whole year! In fact, it fits all the colour of skin, pasty and tanned.
It says fixed for quite a long time, just about six hour.
Again, it's definitely inexpensive as it costs 3,50€ (2£, 5$).

So thumbs up for this product and let's move on the next one!

H&M Bracelet

This is one of my last purchases, and I already love it! When I saw it on the shelf, I decided that I had to get it immediately, and that's what i did.
I think it's one of those little chic details that totally changes your outfit from casual to elegant!
As by now you should have understood, this month I didn't squander all my money in beauty or similar stuff, but I preferred wasting my cash in fashion pieces due to summer's arrival. That's the reason why this bracelet is again an easy purchase: it was about 5€ (7$, 4£). I believe you just have to be happy of my inexpensive beauty month.

Breeze Vapo Neutro Deodorant 24h

Okay guys, let's cart from the fact that I never added a deodorant spray in my daily routine, because the most of the time they include antiperspirant elements which are unhealthy (and can sometimes originate cancer). The problem was that the healthy deodorants seemed not to work. I found myself smelling really bad after a sunny day, which is exactly what shouldn't happen. My life changed when, last week, my father took me this one, which doesn't contain alcohol nor antiperspirant particles but last all the day. 

This is why I really recommend this product for all of you who use the strong   deodorants or just the sticks which don't last at all.

Beautiful disaster : the trilogy (by Jamie McGuire)

This month has also been full-of-reading month because of Jamie McGuire who wrote this great trilogy that distracted me from real life. I actually was day and night on her books, just because I couldn't stop reading them! This book is a overwhelming love story which thrilled the most romantic novel readers (I absolutely am!).
However, I don't have the same opinion for the three books. My favourite one is definitely the first. I had the impression that the second and the third ones were just made to make money and they are not actually necessary to the story. In fact, the second one is just the same story from the point of view of the other main character, the boy, while the third one is made of a hundred of pages when the end is well specified.
This are good books though, so if you are looking for similar stuff, you just might read them!

Jamie McGuire

I said this was the books month, didn't I ?! Well, I don't know how I managed the time to read this trilogy too, which possibly is more overwhelming than the other one. I think the story is better structured, nothing feels like it's all done just because you want to add something, but the facts wedge in the process of the story really well. It's something more like the J. K. Rowling kind of writing, if you want.
I completely adored this trilogy which is in the trends at the moment and it really deserves it.
So have a look at the plot of those books and, I'm sure, you'll immediately decide to read them!
Rebecca Donovan

So I hope you enjoyed this post,
and I love you all (as always).


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