Ten rules of hospitality | Cambridge Edition

July 11, 2014

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Sometimes it happens that just because I'm used to do something I think the other people are too, but it's not always true. 
As this summer for the first time I'm staying in Cambridge
for three weeks, I'm guest of an English family -well, actually they're Chinese, but they've lived there for years by now - I decided to bundle up a few rules anyone should respect if hosting somebody. 
In Italy we're maybe too excessive, but here, in England they didn't even make me put something into my mouth, although I didn't have dinner. Not that I'm generalising, perhaps I just found the wrong family, but anyway, here you are a few tips about how to manage the arrival of an outsider

The main rule though, should be to treat him like you would treat a friend of yours.

Before he arrives:

1) Firstly clean up the room where he's going to stay and make it tidy.
2) Making his bed doesn't mean you have to do it for him every morning, although it would be nice, but at least the first time. Try to think he's in a new place, often even in a new country with people he doesn't know. He can't find the sheets on his own, can he?
3) Make sure he will have a place to put his luggages and clothes.
4) Provide him of different towels: the most of the time people who are coming by plane can't bring with them too much stuff due to the plane rules. So why should he do without something he will need because he has to put towels in his bag?
5) Check that all the different furnitures work perfectly.
6) Remember that the bathroom should have at least a mirror, a shower or a bathtub.

When he arrives:

1) Let him put his belongings in his room.
2) Ask him if he already had the meal and if not, give him something to eat.
3) Show him his accommodation, and the house in general.
4) Tell him about the public transport he may use and some important information about the city he must know.

In the end the important is to make him feel like he's at home, so if you want to tell him something, do it, but not in a rude way. Any problem can be solved without arguing!

And I think that's all for today too, hope to have helped someone with hosting problems or maybe to have saved some unlucky guys from a shallow family!
Love you as always,


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