15 Things About Me

August 28, 2014

And this is the younger me!

Since I created this blog in order to challenge myself to grow up little by little everyday, I thought it would have been nice to share with you 15 points of the younger me I wouldn't repeat at all. *Hiding under the desk* My fears and my looking-like-a-tit times are ready to be revealed.

1) I didn't know what a primer was.
2) I used to cover the circles under my eyes with the wrong colour of concealer.
3)I used to wear leggings in every freaking occasion.
4) I used to have a shower without removing my makeup.
5) I discovered sneakers just three years ago (before, I used to wear only trainers).
6) My dream was to become a hairdresser.
7) I used to wear horrible glasses (I let my father choose them).
8) I hated drinking milk.
9) I hated going to sleepovers.
10) I detested the Harry Potter Saga (now is one of my favourites ~ I've already read the books three times and seen the movies twice).
11) I was afraid of cartoons (that's why I have a poor culture in cinema's topic).
12)I used to wake up at 7.00 on Sundays just to play two or three hours with my Nintendo DS, because my father didn't want me to play with that more than half an hour. (He is sleeping at that time of Sundays' morning, obviously ..)
13) I hated to apply the suntan cream when I was younger, but when I discover that unless you use it you'll have wrinkles I began becoming a white ghost in the summer period.
14) I've never eaten a waffle before.
15) I made my English/Chinese host family eat my uncooked pizza telling them it was the original Italian pizza. - Then, they said they had never eaten a pizza like that before - I believe you ... Aha :*

Ooookay, this was me not a long time ago! I'm feeling a bit ashamed posting all this, but c'mon Sara, it's not a tragedy! 
That's all from me today (fortunately aha) hope this post made you laugh a bit like me. :')
I'd like to know more about you, so don't be afraid, share your experience with me in the comments! 

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