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August 02, 2014

Hey y'all! I'm Kelsey from Sparkle and Shine, and I am so excited to be able to write a post that is going to be a part of this blog! I hope you enjoy it! :)

If you are like me, then you can spend many, many hours scrolling down pinterest or tumblr (way more hours than you probably want to admit)! What can I say? It passes the time! :) 

However, the posts I seem to post the most of (besides hilarious e-cards) are quotes. I can literally re-pin them all day, but for some reason, I always have a few that I to come to the most when I need some positivity in my life!


**I really like this one because sometimes when I am having a hard day, I seem to always look at the negative sides of things and everything ticks me off. When I see this, it reminds me that there really is no reason to be sad or upset because there are so many more reasons to be happy! It helps me reflect on the good things I have going on instead of focusing on the one bad that happened. 



**Oh gosh...I am ashamed to admit this, but I am the type of person who unfortunately holds grudges. Please don't judge...I'm just too stubborn sometimes to let someone win! It comes back to bite me in the butt more times than not! That is the reason why I really like this quote though: I am reminded to let go of the past and move on! This can do with really any type of relationship, whether it's a parent, friend, or significant other. If it's time to move (and you know when that time is), then you have to bite the bullet and just let it go (queue song from Frozen...sorry...we were all thinking it! :) ). Wouldn't you hate to be reading a book and only be able to read the first chapter over and over without being able to read the rest of the book? 


**This one is just plain awesome! In today's society, I feel as if so many people are constantly judging and pressuring us to be perfect little people, when we aren't. I know for me, that when I walk into a room full of people, I start to get really nervous and afraid that everyone is instantly making judgments about me. The funny thing is that I shouldn't be giving a flying flitter what those people think! I'm wearing what I want, my hair looks the way I want it to, and I am who I am! If they can't handle that, then there's 6,999,998 other people in the world. I can easily move on to someone who will appreciate what I have to offer and may even want to borrow my clothes! I just gotta be me and you just gotta be you! 


**I am sure you can guess why I like this one so much! I mean, it is a big part of why I named my blog what I did! It kind of goes along the same lines of the previous quote above this one, but I couldn't just not put it in here! I think that a girl's sparkle is one of the most important qualities she could ever have. A sparkle is just that thing that makes us who we are and different from the rest of the world. It's that little somethin' somethin' we need to make us special! I feel if I ever lost my sparkle then I'm not being myself, so please don't ever let someone dull your sparkle because everyone deserves to shine! ;) 

There are so many other quotes that I have, but I don't want to over load anyone! ;) Maybe I can just do a part two! Anyways, I am really glad I got the opportunity to guest post, and that I got to have a little chat with all of you lovely readers! I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the day! :)

♥ always, 


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  1. I love to read quotes like these when I'm feeling a bit down about myself, nothing is ever as bad as it seems! xx

    Pillarbox Post

    1. Yeah, Kelsey has chosen very good quotes! xx :)

  2. I love these quotes. It is so inspirational. Xx