Birthday Wishlist

September 24, 2014

Pink Baloons
Since my Birthday is in one hour (say whaaat?), I'm so so excited. I'd like this year to be the best birthday I've ever celebrated, so I can't wait it to arrive.
I'm that person who, during the year, craves a thing and says 'Let's ask it for my Birthday!' and then, I always forget half of the stuff I wished. That's why I always end up asking for useless stuff or things I don't really need.
So, this time I decided to call to my mind my little lusts and write them down here.

SaraPags Birthday Wishlist

First thing first, this cute sleeping mask I love. It's from Oysho. I saw it a few weeks ago  wandering around the shop, I immediately fell in love with it I though 'Its place is in my house'.

Mac Lipsticks
I've always wanted to have a MAC Lipstick but I've always thought they were too expensive and I've never even thought to pick one up. MAC is known for being one of the best brand talking about lipsticks' stuff and when I tried one of them I thought it was incredible. The long-lasting and highly pigmented formula is they're strong point.  
I was surfing the internet trying to decide which one I craved the most, but I found this a very difficult choice. Anyway, I went for this which is the MAC Vegas Volt, a pretty peachy pink I'm in love with.

Casio Ladies Wristwatch

The watch I usually wear is my grandma's gift. I like it but I find it a bit too serious since it's silver and black and has a weird shape. I saw this Casio Ladies Wristwatch in the American Apparel's shop window and i thought it was perfect. In fact it's not one of those children's plastic watches I hate, neither that too serious metallic one. It's a pastel green, that is a light colour which suits almost everything. Simple shape, but very smart. Like it!
Convers All Star White
In my opinion everyone should have a pair of classic White Chuck Taylor Converse which are again, simple but elegant and fit almost every outfit. You can use it during the day or for night-outs, with jeans or with dresses, in a casual or in a serious look.
They're like the basic sneakers I've never had, and I really need them.

Zara Home Blankets
As I'm planning to furnish my new bedroom, i'm such into home stuff. I love blankets and cushions and these are from ZARA Home and I think they're really pretty.

Jewels Storage
As I said before, home stuff is really one of my last obsessions. I have so many jewels around the bathroom and it wouldn't be bad if I was able to tidy everything up thanks to this Jewels Storage from Maisons Du Monde.

zara boots and blucher
Since the Fashion Week has just gone by I'm so into the shoes mood. I feel like I want to buy every freaking pair of boots or sneakers, whatever, the problem is that my shoes storage is not that big. Whoops. Girls' problems.
I have just become a shoe lover and this is not good for my wallet, yunno.
Anyway, have you seen these Fur and Leather Ankle Boots!? They seem to be soo fluffy and comfy. I need them. Erm actually… let's say: I want them to be set in my wardrobe. Damn it, they're so cool!
And what about those Leather Bluchers with Track Sole? I'm going quite crazy. My mum won't approve: too many shoes this month!
Nars Orgasm
I've recently spent a few hours inside sephora, testing out everything from the expensive brands, you know, those products you've always heard about but never actually tried them. The Nars Orgasm Blush was one of these. I'll admit it: at the beginning I wasn't expecting that much, because I'm not a shimmer person, especially talking about blushers, and this one has little glitters in it. But I was curious to try it and when I applied it I was surprised. The effect is unique and very nice. I definitely love it. Okay, as anyone else.

Well, that was just a few of my craved products. Really hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time xx

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