Saturday, 22 November 2014

Days To Cover Up | The Concealer Power

How to Conceal Spots



Okay, first of all you all should all clap me since I'm posting photos of my face with NO MAKEUP on. That's a big action of bravery by my side.
Now, we can move on to the real topic of today's post: all about concealing.
My skin is something I take care of a lot, especially talking about makeup products. Let's clear this up:

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Everyday Quick Hairstyles #2

Hi everyone,
Hope you're well? I've finally come back with a new post, despite my busy week! Okay, I'm not saying the very truth, since I wrote this post for Kate from Violet Daffodils, but she let me upload it on my blog!
So, it was supposed to be a guest post, as she's already done one for me (here), which is very cute so make sure you check it out!

We've finally come to a second post of my hairstyle series, because you seemed to like it! You can find the first one here!
These hairstyles are very simple and quick, they're just something I do to change a bit my everyday look.

Fluffy Top

Fluffy Top Hairstyle