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January 30, 2015


Music is one of my best friends when it comes to go running or simply to walk around the city alone. Sometimes you can catch me singing songs in the streets, probably cracking on a high note, with my headphones on, risking my life because I didn't hear that car heading straight for me.
So this is my top list of the moment.

BLANK SPACE by Taylor Swift
I know I'm not original, since everyone seems to be obsessed with Taylor's new album at the moment and, well, I have to admit that I am too. I became a huge fan of her a few years ago after listening to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, downloading the RED album and learning every song.
But this year, she definitely rocked. The whole 1989 album is incredible, I can't stop listening to it. Oh, and Shake It Off is a heap of power.

PHOTOGRAPH by Ed Sheeran
I used to be all just One Direction and Taylor a few months ago - I know, so teenage. I loved (and still do) their songs because they were so catchy and easily sticked into my head. Ed Sheeran has been a total change, sound-wise. I feel like his music made me grow up a bit. I went to his concert on November, and it was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, he didn't sing Photograph. If you haven't yet, go and listen to it. 
"X" together with "1989" has been one of my favourite albums this year.

UP by Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato
As I discovered Olly is going to hold a concert here in June, I started listening to his last album Never Been Better. Immediately obsessed. Never listened to him very much - didn't even know he went to X Factor. But now I love him: it's my shower-singer at the moment.

The new album released by One Direction, "FOUR", has been criticized a lot, since this time they changed a bit the genre. I have to say that there are a few songs I don't like, so I'm pretty disappointed, but deeply I've always known that they didn't like the songs they used to sing (just remember that Harry sang Stevie Wonder at the audition!). Maybe this time they like them more and that's why I'm happier anyway. 
However, I loved this song a lot, as well as Eighteen and Fool's Gold.

POPULAR SONG by Mika ft. Ariana Grande
Now everyone in Italy knows Mika, due to his role of judge in the Italian version of "The X Factor" and no one can resist his appeal. We all love him so much. In fact I recently decided to listen to his last album and then I discovered that I already knew all the songs because they had been broadcast by radios a lot. I just adore his voice and the rhythm of his songs.

So these were my top five songs of the moment! Make sure you tell me what's your most listened song of this period in the comments below!
I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post, stay tuned if you want to read more!

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  1. Omg I love blank space and photograph!! <3 great post! Xxx