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April 10, 2015


I've just gone through a phase that helped me understanding a few things about life. I've just passed through that period where I needed to buy everything and show it off to friends and socials. I was never happy for what I had. Never grateful for being able to eat every day and sleep in a cozy bed. Always thinking about how many things I couldn't afford or planning new shopping session.
Not that I have stopped my shopaolic side, let's be clear about it. 
I just let it out in a different way.

Because I understood that you can't find happiness in beauty products or clothes. Well, maybe it's a different kind of happiness. A shorter and less important one. 
The real happiness comes with friends that know you for who you are. So, as long as you keep showing yourself for what you have and not for what you are, you'll never find it. The real happiness I mean.
And the whole blogging experience didn't really help that much.
There has been a time when I've seen my blog as a great opportunity to exhibit what I'd had and not what I'd loved. 
Until I realized it wasn't worth it. Until I got that it was not what I was taught. 
I grew up with values of altruism and love. And now all I could think of was shopping. Money. Travels. Selfish things. 
I realized I hadn't been actually happy for a long time. 
Today, the little Sara is back. Now I'm ready to feel happy again. I'm ready to give my life to friends and people. Not to things. I'm ready to live my blogging journey in a new way.  
I also decided to change my blog description. In fact it said "♡ Just a teenager who finds happiness in beauty, fashion and little things. ♡ ". But now you know what's wrong with it, don't you?! 
So these were my current thoughts about happiness and blogging, hope you've enjoyed reading this post! What do you think about it?! Do you find happiness in things or in people?  Have you ever gone through a phase like this? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. : I know I repeated the same words to many times, but really, there weren't too many synonyms!

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