New Blog Recommendations

June 19, 2015

New Blog Reads

New Blog Reads

New Blog Reads

Hello everyone, how's holiday goin' on?!
Today I thought I would share with you a few nice blogs I've discovered throughout my blogging journey, for two reasons:

1. Because the time you spend lying on the beach chair is perfect for browsing through some blog posts.
2. Because I feel like these people I'm going to mention deserve a wider audience than what they have now.

But let's go straight to the list. (I advice you now, there's a high rate of Ella(s) in this post. I apologise in advance, promise is not done on purpose haha)

  • Ella from Ellabooxo - she's such a nice girl who basically talks about beauty, but occasionally she writes some fashion and lifestyle stuff. Her blog is so minimal, yet very cute. I love her natural looks and how she can wear a bright lipstick without it being a punch in the face. She also has a YouTube channel which is very pretty as well, so don't forget to check it out!
  • Ella from EllaWasHere - a Belgian girl, studying to be a journalist. I love her lifestyle posts, as she is such a positive person, very kind and genuine. Sometimes though, she deals with beauty and fashion, something that seems to affect a lot of people, doesn't it?
  • Ella from every LiTTLE thing07 - one of my first blogging acquaintances in the twitter world, she's just so nice and her beauty reviews are amazing. I couldn't avoid including her in this list!
  • Giada from MielCafĂ© - now we're getting close to my dwelling place. In fact, she's Italian too and we live quite in the same area. I absolutely adore her recipe posts, which I highly recommend, since the real Italian cuisine is peerless to me. Her lifestyle posts spread a lot of cosy feelings and inspiring ideas about new places to explore in Milan.
  • Ana from Ana CĂ©line Labod - one of my most recent discoveries, I really enjoy leafing through her beauty and fashion blog. She's very cute and her makeup look are gorgeous! She also has a YouTube channel full of tutorials you might like as well.
So these were my new blog recommendations, hope you've enjoyed today's post! Let me have some bloggers suggestions in the comments below and feel free to leave your blog links as well!

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  1. I have to check those!!! Great recommendations Sara, thank you!