Saturday, 28 May 2016

Venice In 2 Days



Last week, me and Martina decided to go and visit Venice for the weekend. You know I love visiting cities and taking photos, and since this trip combined both, you can just imagine how good it felt. 
We decided to tour it in a different way, walking randomly among the streets and alleys, stopping in some artistic corners, admiring spots for the little things. We didn't have a map, we didn't have a plan: it was just us and the city. 
We followed our senses, seeing where they would take us. 
And this way of visiting new places made it so special. I am the first one who likes going abroad and discovering new worlds, but this time I felt amazed by my own country. I have never appreciated Italy as much as I should have, always busy thinking about which other lands I can explore, but man - I really should stop to love what I already have first!
In these pictures I tried capture what I saw with my eyes, which was not just a simple subject, but feelings. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Micellar Water: Which To Choose?

The Best Micellar Water

There is a thing I discovered this year after a long time of harsh makeup removers use. I'm talking micellar water
This product takes a lot less time and effort, making my skin very clean without any irritation. 
By now, every brand is putting one of these on the market, so you may feel a little overwhelmed by the variety available when it comes to pick which one to purchase.
Although I'm not very keen on skincare, micellar water is one of my essentials and I could definitely say that I've tried quite a few so I can guide you through this difficult choice.
Here is a little review of the most popular ones and my opinion about the best one.